Blue Butterfly Retreat

Tulbach, Cape

8-11th Sept 2017


Chamtrul Rinpoche

About the Retreat:

Vajrasattva is a powerful tantric purifaction practice that can purify past negative imprints that are stored on the mindstream. Chamtrul Rinpoche will guide us through the Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro (preliminary practices) and focus on the Vajrasattva meditation during the sessions. We will also receive advice on how to practice effectively.

Nyungne & Sojong Vows

Each day starting Saturday morning we wake before sunrise and take the 5 Mahayana Precepts (sojong vows).

“Nyungne” means “”fasting and we therefore have only one meal a day- a substantial lunch and drink tea/coffee in-between. This aids our meditation and provides an opportunity to purify karma related to greed and avarice. It also gives an opportunity to develop compassion for others who lack food and drink.

The 24 hour Mahayana Precept Prayer:

From now on I shall not kill,

Steal others’ possessions,

Engage in sexual activity,

Or speak false words.

I shall avoid intoxicants,

From which many mistakes arise.

I shall not sit on large, high, or expensive beds.

I shall not eat food at the wrong times.

I shall avoid singing, dancing, and playing music,

And I shall not wear perfumes, garlands, or ornaments.

Just as the arhats have avoided wrong actions, such as taking the lives of others,

So shall I avoid wrong actions such as taking the lives of others.

May I quickly attain enlightenment,

And may the living beings who are experiencing the various sufferings

Be released from the ocean of cyclic existence.

We take the vows for 3 days- Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

A rare opportunity. Space is limited to 25 people

Necessary to attend the whole retreat

Start: 6pm, Friday 8th Sept End: 2pm Monday 11th Sept

Cost 1800

50% deposit (R900) will secure your place

Bank details:


Bodhicitta Africa

branch code: 201909

a/c no: 62351369915

Please give your name as reference