There will be two opportunities to take refuge with Chamtrul Rinpoche during his 2017 visit in KZN (South Coast) and Cape Town:

KwaZulu Natal: Shelley Beach

Tues 29th Aug
Refuge and Interviews
417 Windsor Street, Shelly Beach

Cape Town:

Sunday 3rd Sept
12.30 – 1.15pm
Refuge Ceremony
Sufi Temple, Campground Rd, Newlands

Refuge involves a commitment to enlightenment for the sake of others by relying on the unsurpassable refuge objects: Buddha (teacher) the dharma (teachings) and the sangha (Buddhist community). Chamtrul Rinpoche will explain the refuge objects in-depth and also the vows associated with taking refuge. New people will receive their dharma name and those who have already taken refuge can renew their refuge vows.