The Bodhicitta Group

Bodhicitta’ means, “the Mind of Enlightenment” and our aim is to support one another in the development of this awakened mind, through listening to, contemplating and meditating on teachings from the Buddhist Tradition.

The Bodhicitta Group arose organically as a result of people working together to support Dharma activities and seeking practice support.  Members help with whatever they can at the teachings such as recording, advertising, setting up, donations, cooking for Rinpoche etc which is a great source of merit for them and which helps sustain dharma activities.  Please join us if you are interested:-)

Cape Town:

Currently we meet every Wednesday morning and the first Sunday of every month from 10.30am-12 to practice the Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro.  The address is 4 Anette Close, The Vines, Constantia, Cape Town (near Kendal Rd).

If anyone is interested to learn the sutra teachings -mainly through the great text “The Words of My Perfect Teacher” in a group, please contact Karen at and if there is enough interest we can start that group again.

Also I am available in Cape Town if anyone wants to discuss anything related to dharma.  I am not a teacher, but perhaps can be of a little help.


We do not charge for sessions, but a donations are appreciated.  For more info contact or 084 760 4630






1 thought on “The Bodhicitta Group”

  1. suzanne o'meara said:

    have been trying to email Karen a few times past 2 reply . perhaps she is away .just to say – i suddenly got sick on fri & can not make meditation this tues 2 may. & – i have bought a ticket for the lecture on 30 may – is this still confirmed please ? thank-you .

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